What Type of Non-Profit Content Do You Need?

Whether you're launching a new charity, strengthening your mission statement, or building a site from scratch, we have the right content solution.


Regular content on your blog provides your visitors with clear value and builds trust with your target audience.


Clear, quality descriptions of your products and services highlight the value your organization offers.

Press Releases

Announcing new products, services, staff or events brings attention to your site.


Ideas communicated clearly in your audio or video whether it's an ad or podcast

White Papers

Appealing arguments for attracting new clients or earning grants and loans


Fiction and non-fiction prose for any creative purpose you have

Who Am I?

Hi! My name is Brian. I earn a living by freelance writing. Previously, I’ve held many different jobs, including content editing at a boutique digital marking company, running an orthodontics supply warehouse, umpiring baseball, and even teaching. I started BeeDeeCee, which is just a swelled version of my initials, as a host for my own creative writing. It’s still a place for that, but now I use it as a portal to my own freelance writing career. I write about a wide range of topics for all different types of companies. At the moment, some of my biggest projects are in the healthcare and finance industry. The reason I love this work is because I have a passion for finding the most interesting aspects of a topic and expressing those ideas in creative ways. You can find just a small sample of the companies I’ve written for below.