I realize the irony of writing a service page about the importance of pages. Ask yourself this. If this page had a lot of typos, awkward sentence structure, or convoluted language, what would be the chances you would continue reading, let alone requesting my services? That same concept goes for your site no matter what type of product or service you’re selling. People expect clarity, competency, and professionalism whether they’re looking for a powerful piece of business software or a treat for their furry friend.

The more relevant, valuable information people have about your company and what you’re offering, the more trust you will earn with them. You don’t need to produce a novel, but you certainly need to prove your expertise and experience. To do this, I help companies write all types of site pages, including:

  • About Us – This is a chance to show off your company’s history, mission, and best qualities.
  • Products and Services – Tell your visitors why what you’re offering gives them value.
  • FAQs – Most visitors have the same questions. Answer them clearly and they’ll love you for it.
  • In-Depth Information Articles –  Give visitors the opportunity to get into the weeds of your business.
  • Unique Pages – Your organization is unique and you need to let the world know it.

While I do almost all the work involved in writing pages for my clients, I can’t do it alone. I can’t write a history page without getting information about dates, names, and events, and I can’t get into the juicy details of a service without learning about exactly what your company is offering. When you give me the important bullet points, I can do the rest: create content that will engage your audience.