Press Releases

Press release have an interesting history in the world of digital marketing. At one time, SEO companies would heavily push every client to constantly publish press releases and send them out to every “news” distributor they could. The benefits, even at the time, were negligible. Google and other search engines have learned how spammable PRs are, and they have greatly devalued the authority of news wire farms. Despite all this, press releases can still have enormous value for some companies. The key here is to have a highly attractive element in the release. This can be a person, place, thing, or event. When viewers are interested in that element, they share the release and spread the word about your brand naturally.

Internally to your site, press releases also have a lot of value. They give your regular visitors a reason to keep watch over your site, and they also provide information about your company that they’re unlikely to get anywhere else. What’s a good reason to publish a press release? Well, there’s many, including:

  • Hiring New Staff
  • Launching a New Product/Service
  • Hosting/Attending an Event
  • Entering New Markets

Most press releases have a very similar format. They have a main headline, opening paragraph that explains the headline, and then some supporting information. How much support will depend on the topic at hand. At the end. a short blurb about the organization publishing the press release is given. I have written press releases with major changes to this formula, and I can adapt to any unique situation.