Who Am I?

Hi! My name is Brian. I earn a living by freelance writing for B2B finance and tech clients. Previously, I’ve held many different jobs, including content editing at a boutique digital marking company, running an orthodontics supply warehouse, umpiring baseball, and even teaching. I started BeeDeeCee, which is just a swelled version of my initials, as a host for my own creative writing. It’s still a place for that, but now I use it as a portal to my own freelance writing career. I write about a wide range of topics for all different types of companies, but I specialize in business content for technology and finance firms. At the moment, some of my biggest projects involve developing white papers and creating brand new page conent. The reason I love this work is because I have a passion for finding the most interesting aspects of a topic and expressing those ideas in creative ways. You can find just a small sample of the companies I’ve written for below.


Who Are My Clients?