About Me

Hi, I’m Brian, and I’m a freelance writer and content marketing expert. I’ve been in the SEO and content marketing industry for more than a decade. This website is called BeeDeeCee, which is a rather lame play on words using my initials. Brian David Custer.

I understand that hiring a freelance writer requires a lot of trust and commitment, so my goal here is to be honest and upfront about how I work as a professional writer and what you can expect when you hire me to produce a piece of content or organize an entire campaign. Have any questions? Get in touch with me at any time.

My Freelance Writing Philosophy

In a world with a lot of shady practices when it comes to content and SEO, I believe that businesses that are transparent with their customers and strive to provide fair and honest information are likely to be the most successful. It’s my goal to help you reach these objectives If you’re looking for content that will fool search engines and give readers a false sense of what your company can provide, I’m probably not the writer for you.

I want to be clear about what I can and can’t do as a writer. The following are a few of my core beliefs when it comes to content creation:

  • Written content on your website, in your marketing materials, and in your social media is the medium you use to build trust and connections with your audience. I work diligently to know who your audience is and what they want.
  • Brevity is key with an online audience in most situations. I create content that satisfies short attention spans while conveying important information. If someone wants to learn more, they can read white papers, long-form articles, and guides. I don’t believe in padding, fluff, or filler.
  • A strong voice is key to telling your readers about your values. The more your audience understands your perspective and goals, the more likely they will want to conduct business with you.
  • Content creation using artificial intelligence can have its uses, but they are very limited. I never use AI tools like ChatGPT unless you specifically request it.

My Content Writing Skillset

Over the course of my writing and digital marketing career, I’ve received countless critical comments and revision requests. It’s part of the business that can sometimes feel like a drag but always helps to improve my skills and hone my craft. While I always strive for perfection, I consider criticism essential. The process has given me a core set of professional content-writing skills that I couldn’t do without. I can:

  • Simplify complex topics so that they are easy for novices to general audiences to understand.
  • Write with authority and conviction, allowing me to convey strong ideas in a manner that’s convincing to readers.
  • Write in a warm and friendly tone when necessary, which is important for assisted living content marketing and other topics related to families and health.
  • Create content that’s relevant to search engines while simultaneously being appealing to human readers.
  • Drive conversions through appealing ad copy and short-form social media content with compelling calls for action.
  • Research topics in depth, discovering data, ideas, and concepts not easily found through existing sources.
  • Be responsive and adaptable. I can’t promise to be perfect on every single task, but I can respond to your revision request quickly and adapt my work to match your changing needs.

My Writing Background

I loved writing ever since I was in elementary school. My first memory of this was in fourth grade when my teacher read an essay I wrote about telling time out loud to the class. It was satisfying to describe an abstract idea clearly and get recognition for doing so. This transformed later into my interest in writing about historical events, which led to me getting a college degree in history. While I had teachers and professors over time who liked my writing a lot, there were others who were never big fans. This has been true in the professional world as well.

Professional Writing Experience

  • 2009: I wrote my first long-form document for a company. It argued for the relocation of a warehouse shipping operation to improve the efficiency and timeliness of deliveries. My work resulted in a major ship in order fulfillment processes.
  • 2010: I started working for a digital marketing company in San Diego called Optimize4YouSEO. My work involved writing blog posts, informative articles, guides, and landing pages. I also did SEO work through client content management systems, such as WordPress and Joomla.
  • 2015: I transitioned to a more independent role as a freelance writer, which I’ve been doing ever since. You can see the work I’ve done in my freelance writing portfolio.

My Personal Interests