Blogs are a powerful method for attracting attention and increasing keyword relevancy in search engines, but they aren’t for everyone. I usually recommend a site publish a blog when they have regular information or entertaining content they want to communicate with their target audience. Topics should be relevant to the site and provide real value to readers. With more than a decade of experience blogging for everyone from real estate agents to lawyers, I’ve learned a lot about what tactics work and don’t work. Writing ten blogs per month on an HVAC site probably doesn’t help attract homeowners looking for repairs, but an expert post about unique and little-known deductions could attract a lot of clients to a tax attorney.

Guest blogging, on the other hand, can have a positive impact on almost any site. Every company or individual has at least one powerful insight they can share with their industry and customers, and a guest blog is a powerful way to connect that insight with an authoritative site. For example, I once wrote a detailed article about luck in baseball in the voice of a sports betting site that ended up being hosted on a high-ranking MLB fan page. The blog ended up driving tens of thousands of clicks to the target page.