I write a breadth of content for clients in healthcare, finance, law, and hospitality.

White Papers

Due to non-disclosure agreements, I can’t showcase the white papers I’ve written, but I can tell you what makes a white paper effective. The purpose of a white paper is to convince a target audience that a product or service, whether it’s for profit or nonprofit, is value add. I know this is what all ad copy tries to do, but a white paper’s approach is different. A white paper is for an audience that’s already intrigued about what you’re selling but wants a more in-depth dive into the problem you’re solving and how you can solve it.

A well-written, designed, and marketed white paper can be a highly profitable tool whether you’re just starting your business, launching a new product, or revitalizing an existing service.

Landing Pages

In the last few years, my focus has been on creating landing pages for some big names in the long-term care industry. My work has earned clients top ranks on Google and Bing for highly searched keywords, such as “assisted living in City”, “does Medicare pay for memory care” and related topics. A page ranks well by thoughtfully using keywords, providing valuable information to readers, and being easy to digest.


Blog posts may not be as popular in content marketing as they once were, but they still serve a vital purpose for organizations that need to regularly communicate with their audience. A lawyer may want to discuss changes to statutes in their jurisdiction. A healthcare company may want to advertise new product developments or scientific research. An investment expert may want to analyze market conditions and recommend certain stocks and funds. In each voice, frequent blogging establishes keyword relevance, authority, and most importantly, a consistent audience.