Professional Content Writing and Digital Marketing

Attract new customers, increase website hits, improve brand awareness, inform an audience, and reach a variety of other goals with high-quality, compelling writing from a web content expert.

Blog Writing

Regular content on your blog provides your visitors with clear value and builds trust with your target audience. Check out my blogs for SaaS, healthcare, finance, law firms, and long-term care.

Website Page Writing

Clear, quality descriptions of your products and services highlight the value your organization offers. Check out the landing pages I've written that have earned top positions on search rankings for Google and Bing.

Press Release Writing

Announcing new products, services, staff or events brings attention to your site. I've written high-quality press releases that have attracted the attention of new clients as well as local news sources.

Guide Writing

Guides are highly valuable to businesses because they provide direct information and promote action. I've written highly detailed guides on a variety of subjects

White Papers

White papers are detailed, researched documents that provide valuable information. I've written white papers for SaaS companies and tech startups.


Sometimes the perfect word or phrase can convert a viewer into a buyer. I've written compelling ad copy for realtors, builders, lawyers, and software companies.

How My Freelance Writing Can Help Your Business

It’s a very crowded market out there, especially online. To make your business stand out among the competition, you need compelling content that search engines like and that people love to read. This can be a tricky balance. I’m an expert at helping companies achieve high rankings on web pages while getting the readers to act on their calls to action.

My freelance writing services can be invaluable to your business if you need to:

  • Rank higher in organic search results and in your pay-per-click campaigns
  • Convince readers of your genuine interest in satisfying their needs
  • Communicate a complicated idea or value proposition to your audience
  • Effectively express the value of a new product or service
  • Build trust with potential customers at all stages of the content marketing funnel

My Areas of Expertise

I have more than a decade of content writing experience in a variety of industries. The research skills I developed in academia have empowered me to learn about new topics and industries whenever it benefits my clients.
assisted living writing

Long-Term Care

Content for Assisted Living, Memory Care, and Nursing Homes

I write warm and friendly website content for the long-term care industry, including assisted living communities, dementia care facilities, and nursing homes.

website content for finance


Content marketing for financial companies and consultants.

I've written white papers for SaaS finance companies, blogs for accountants and banks, and landing pages for credit unions and investment advisors.

website content for builders

Builders and Contractors

Content for Home Builders, Home Remodelers, Roofers, Plumbers, and Electricians

I help builders, contractors, and home service companies connect with local audiences through blog posts and optimized landing pages.

content for law firms

Law Firms

Content for Law Firms, Attorneys, and Legal Service Companies

I write blog posts, detaileled articles, and service pages to help legal professionals earn the trust of potential clients.

content for hospitality

Food and Travel

Content for Travel Agencies, Destinations, Hospitality, Restaurants, Caterers, and Food Trucks

I write vibrant depictions of appealing travel desinations, blogs about local events, and delectable descriptions of food and wine.

content for green energy

Environment and Green Energy

Conent for solar energy, wind power, geothermal, and others sustainable solutions

I write detailed guides for solar energy credits, blog posts about development in renewable power, and informative articles about sustainable gardening and farming.