Whenever you hear a radio ad, television commercial, or spot on a podcast, you’re not listening to a spokesperson speak spontaneously about their brand. What you’re almost always hearing is a voice actor read off a script.  These scripts are cogent, well-thought-out statements that serve a very specific purpose, usually to get a person to respond to a call to action. More than any other type of content, scripts require a strict economy of words. With a blog, page or press release, you can almost be as detailed and long winded as you want to convey your message. With a script, you’re not likely to have more than hundred words to convince your target audience that you’re offering something of real value.

As a former procrastinator, I used to appreciate low word count assignments because it meant I got the work done faster. Now I know that I love this type of work because being clear and concise is one of my main strengths. Over the years, I’ve written video, radio, and television ad scripts for golf course, pharmacies, Realtors, and a wide range of other businesses. I’ve also written longer scripts for informational videos posted on Facebook and Youtube. I’d love to be able to sell a screenplay some day, but until then, I love working on shorter scripts for my clients.