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See “The Boss” If You Really Love Melissa McCarthy

The Boss is a formulaic redemption comedy the likes of which you’ve probably seen dozens of times, but if you really love Melissa McCarthy’s comedy chops, you might find a lot to appreciate here despite an overwhelmingly negative critical response. … Continue reading

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“Demolition” May Be a Fantastic Film Half Baked

If you decide to watch Demolition, there’s likely to be a point in the film where you’ll ask, “Where is this all going?” There’s plenty of great movies where this question comes up, but Demolition isn’t one of them because … Continue reading

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Revisiting the 3 Ninjas Franchise

My first memory of the Three Ninjas movies was in the early 1990’s when I watched Kick Back with some family friends. This is not a very good memory. I remember being bored, frequently wishing I was somewhere else, perhaps … Continue reading

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WaPo Exposes Addict’s Record to Criticize Mass Incarceration Reform

On Sunday this week, The Washington Post published an article titled “A ‘Virtual Get-Out-of-Jail-Free Card,’” referring to the reforms in sentencing made in Proposition 47 in California. The focus of the article is on a 36-year-old homeless man in San … Continue reading

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