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How the Republican National Convention Outshined the Democratic One

Just a week after the depressing conclusion of the Democratic National Convention, it’s more clear than ever that the Republic Party is superior in every way when it comes to salesmanship, even if what they’re selling is rat poison dipped … Continue reading

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The PTA Disbands Is an Animated Masterpiece

Social commentary was a strong component of the Simpson’s from the very beginning, but no episode skewers the roles parents, teachers, and administrators play in Springfield’s seemingly only school better than “The PTA Disbands.” The episode begins with the Springfield … Continue reading

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How to Spot a Bad Recipe

As a home cook who makes nearly every meal for himself, I’ve seen a lot of recipes both online and in cookbooks. Nearly every recipe can be divided into three distinct categories: amazing, satisfactory, and horrible. If you’re a new … Continue reading

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“Eye in the Sky” Probes Western Emotions About Drones

Citizens of western countries don’t really care much about the casualties of war in places like Yemen, Syria, or Northern and Eastern Africa. There’s plenty of western people who think critically about drones, who voice opposition to certain military operations … Continue reading

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