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How Human Senses Affect Restaurant Design

When a customer enters a quick service restaurant,¬† a wide range of sensory factors affect their mood and behavior. These psychological influences can have a huge impact on a store’s productivity, sales, and guest satisfaction. By learning how each sense … Continue reading

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NAS: The Right Solution for Storing Dental Patient Data

As a dental care provider, storing information about your patients in a secure way is an essential part of your practice. Whether you’re handling a patient’s checkup history, communications, X-rays, or other¬†active or inactive records, electronic storage is the optimal … Continue reading

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The PTA Disbands Is an Animated Masterpiece

Social commentary was a strong component of the Simpson’s from the very beginning, but no episode skewers the roles parents, teachers, and administrators play in Springfield’s seemingly only school better than “The PTA Disbands.” The episode begins with the Springfield … Continue reading

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How to Spot a Bad Recipe

As a home cook who makes nearly every meal for himself, I’ve seen a lot of recipes both online and in cookbooks. Nearly every recipe can be divided into three distinct categories: amazing, satisfactory, and horrible. If you’re a new … Continue reading

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